In this course we will use Latex for the edition of scientific texts. We must know that Latex is an excessively long subject (you never stop learning), so we will focus on showing only some of its many and great possibilities. It is about showing a path and guidelines so that those interested in learning, can deepen and know where to enter this immense world that is Latex. Therefore, in this course all students will learn to create documents of any kind in a programming language for text editing as simple as Latex.

Learning Units

The course will be developed in the following learning units: (1) To learn to perform the installation of the software necessary to run Latex; (2) To learn to make high-quality scientific texts through the language of Latex text editing; (3) To know the possibilities of making dynamic scientific slides with the Beamer class; (4) To know the possibility of generating graphics in Latex; (5) To learn to integrate different programs of scientific / mathematical use to obtain quality scientific texts; and (6) To know how to generate dynamic pdfs.





Latex Documents


Mathematical formulas


Tables and graphics


Bibliography and Indexes


Beamer and hyperref packet