In today's society of the XXI century it will not have a single identity for all people. That is why there are common points that a company must have unique identities for total integration of all inhabitants. In this context of social identities, it should raise awareness that minority movements should have a seamless integration and synergy in the common habits of all. That a certain proportion of the population, whether majority or minority, feel excluded, it is a fact that must be eradicated by applying policies of social and economic integration to revive the whole society.

Therefore, under these facts that encompasses all cities cojunto world population is predende formalize an application that can integrate people with some kind of disability to the whole of society and, above all, government note their complaints and requests, as well as based needs.


The needs of the people described in the previous section have the need to use all means to reach nuesro available. These means, whether politicians through public administrations and/or humanitarian, through organizations must be able to be noticed through new technologies.

It is for this fact, which has developed an application for mobile devices that can help these people to their ecómica and social integration with the rest of society.

This application is within the framework "citizen and road safety smart cities" for people who have some kind of disability are geo-referenced either outdoor sites using smart for them routes through GPS, or inside, through signal output devices Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, known as Beacons .


Such application as specified above is an essential aspect of performance, integrating people in order to establish secure and viable routes for them at sites inside and outside.

Therefore, you can define the following key points:


Smart routes according conditions: keep in mind that the application will take into account the type of condition that has the user and describe the optimal path for him there either indoors or outdoors.


Interaction with the application. Keep in mind that there are different types of conditions that limit these people contact with the outside. In this context, the application will act with the user based on the type of condition that this has.


Intelligent data analysis and political action. Data analysis is so and / or more important than the application itself. Knowing the state of the routes for each type of dysfunctionality It will enable the conduct of public administrations to integration policies. On the other hand it is very important to know busiest routes for people with some kind of dysfunction deficit to adapt immediately.