The main objective of this project is the implementation of an Android mobile application for the administration of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) based on Snort. In that way, security administrators will get alerts with easy and reliably infotmation on their cell phones, tablets or any low-cost mobile device.


Implementation of the mobile application in Android including the login system, basic information views, views for the plugins, the notification system and help and information manuals.

Reverse Engineering to the main database. Development of physical and ER diagrams that provide a detailed description of the database while modifying it by adding unique auxiliary tables for SnorUNI.

Configuration and development of the web service for data transmission.

Development of the notification system for sending alerts from the server to the application. Using Firebase Cloud Message.

Specific Objectives

For the development of the project the following specific objectives were defined:


Implementation of an IDS based on Snort.


Study of the Snort database using Reverse Engineering.


Development of the web service for the transfer of information.


Setting up a secure web connection for data transfer.


Use of the SCRUM methodology for software development.


Use of free software for the implementation of the system and mobile application.