The GLIPS (GeoLocation Interface Position System) & SAVIA (Surveillance and Alarm for gender VIolence Application) project is focused on the concept "Citizen Applications and Road Safety in a Smart City for monitoring and geolocation with prototyping in the National Engineering University."

This project is within the research group on Languages and Computer Systems, Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet of Things to improve safety indicators of a city.


Citizen and road safety is one of the cornerstones of the future city and smart city . But like many other issues involved in Smart Cities , is a lack of regulation and especially of intelligent applications that benefit the welfare of the people who inhabit it that city.For several issues to be considered: tracking people who are of court permission but has a medium-high to be a danger to the whole of society and people with a history of domestic violence index.

That is why GLIPS & SAVIA focuses on real-time to observe these people and save routes that have passed these people by improving prevention against crimes against society and also being able to see if they have carried out a crime.


The GLIPS & SAVIA application has several components that help improve the safety concept for citizenship:


Security perimeters where they can not access aggressors.


Mobile Application for victims of domestic violence and that they can monitor the aggressor.


Crime prevention rules for victims of gender violence.


Alerts in case of breaking rules of prevention. These alerts will be routed to the nearest police the victim and the central server.


Itineraries History to check past crimes.