BeeGOns! research project has the main purpose of developing a convergent and transversal ICT infrastructure, minimizing any time of implementation of any field related to the Internet of Things, such as Smart Agriculture or Smart Cities.
In this context, the project consists of performing a Backend-Frontend, based on Fog Computing paradigm, in such a way that when any sensor is connected to the platform, it can auto-configure itself quickly.
Moreover, an Android library has been developed so that you can read simply any data obtained from the sensor network, both in the edge and in the cloud, without having to program at a low level in terms of identification, connection and extraction of information from the devices.


BeeGOns! project has different thematic research areas related to the following lines:
1. Implementation of a Fog Computing platform that will be composed of two main elements of development: (i) Edge computing; and (ii) Cloud Computing.
2. Development of APIs both for the Fog Computing platform, as well as for the development of mobile applications that it will allow to read into the obtained data.
3. Data analysis and treatment in two main contexts: (i) A first filtering through the complex events processing; (ii) Establish probabilities through based on data mining techniques.


To achieve the main objective in order to develep this project, we have the following goals:


Development of libraries in the Web Server.


Implementation of a concurrent and scalable database.


Recognition and sending/receiving data from the sensors to the server.


Creation of applications in Smart Cities themes under the scheme of the platform.


Creation of functionalities in Smart Agriculture.


Data analysis and treatment.